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Utility Knife
"Very sharp, quality seems very good."
Thank you. - Vie Belles Canada
Haven't had long
"I haven't owned this knife very long, but I love it so far. This knife is ridiculously sharp. If it holds its edge pretty well, this will be a go-to knife for me. I love the feel and the weight of it. I like having a smaller knife like this so I'm not pulling out my chef's knife for every little thing."
Daniel K.
Thank you, Daniel. - Vie Belles Canada
Great knife!
"I have been using the Santoku knife for a few weeks now and I am really happy with the performance! I have used it to slice, dice and chop fruits, vegetables and a variety of proteins. It has performed well on every task. Nice weight and balance, cleans up easily & maintains its shine and luster! I would definitely buy this knife again and be happy to give it as a gift!"
James S.
This is awesome!
"I used the knife for some small tasks through the weekend. Slicing raw & cooked proteins, slicing & dicing vegetables, from onions to hard skinned squash. The knife performed well in every application. It has a nice weight & balance, and feels comfortable in the hand. I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality of the knife!"
James S.
good knife
"good quality knife still very sharp for everyday use. handle weight is very balance"
Sam K.
Very happy with these knives
"I'm really enjoying these knives. They look great, but I didn't expect to notice so much of a performance difference too over my Henkels. "
a utilitarian work-of-art
"Frankly, I haven't used it yet. Too beautiful, like the 2 other Vie Belles blades that I have purchased. I enjoy looking at them, pristine and new. Hell, I might never use it, but probably will, just to hear more "oohs and ahs.""
Patrick D.
Thank you Patrick. - Vie Belles Canada
"The sharpest nicest feeling knife I have used for quite some time."
Ian p.
Thank you. - Vie Belles Canada
A thing of beauty, a joy to behold: form and function combined!
"Truly this is more than a knife, it is a tribute to the thoughtfulness of the designers and the manufacturers, and more than worth the relatively short wait to receive it. In fact, I'm so in awe of it that I show it to my friends... but I haven't used it yet, since I am also waiting for the Vie Belles sharpener that I ordered recently. Just as impressive is the Customer Service. I look forward to actually using this razor-sharp 'bad boy' (= way-good), nicely balanced and a thing of beauty. Merci beaucoup, Vie Belles."
Patrick D.
Thank you for your comment, and also thank you for ordering our well-made professional sharpener system. - Vie Belles Canada
Excellent Design
"The bride-to-be loved the teapot, it was a real hit......thanks"
Great customer service
"When I saw the Vie Belles products for the first time in Walmart, I was worried about the quality. After I bought it, the quality of frypan was beyond of my expectation. For the second time, I bought the Vie Belles product from Amazon, and I receive the order same day. In the last one year, any question or concern I had their customer care team handle it for me. Good job team."
Thank you Janet, we always try our best to satisfy our customers. - Vie Belles Canada
Simplistic, Clean, Fresh
"These are very simple, clean and pretty looking canisters which are great for storing dry products. I have used them for tea, almonds and other items.They look and work great."
Thank you Amanda. We are glad that you like it. - Vie Belles Canada
Great shakers
"These look orange in the picture but actually red. I was looking for red with lids and these are perfect. Hold plenty of product, and with the tops don't get the moisture from being near the moisture while cooking."
Very happy with the product
"Exactly as it looks in the picture. Very happy with the product."
Very Good
"If you're bored by the stainless steel trend, this line could be for you."