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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Ideal Espresso Cups

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Ideal Espresso Cups

Espresso Cups are arguably some of the most beautiful kitchen accoutrement you will ever come across. Porcelain espresso so cups, in particular, give your cookhouse that Italian feel, all while looking excellent by the tableside.

But beyond that elegant aesthetic appeal, you want a piece that can do more than just serving a hot cup of coffee; you want something that will enable you to enjoy every bit of your drinking experience.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Ideal Espresso Cups

Here are some of the things you should bear in mind when buying an espresso:

  • How good is it at retaining heat? You can tell a good espresso cup by its ability to retain the heat of the beverage. You do not want a cup that will cool your drink too quickly. After all, the essence of taking coffee in the first place, is to feel the warmth. Porcelain cups are perfect for this purpose, as they allow you to feel the heat of your drink. Note also, that some espresso cups are not suitable for serving hot drinks because they cannot withstand heat. It’s no point buying an espresso cup if it cannot hold hot drinks.
  • Handle Comfort. When shopping for an espresso cup, you want something that delivers a more comfortable and controlled grip. The more comfort a cup offers, the more it allows you to enjoy the drinking experience. This is the reason why handle is the main difference between a great espresso cup and a regular one. Quality cups like Vie Belles’ porcelain espresso cups are designed to be easier to hold, as they allow for a good grip, giving you greater control over the cup.
  • How much drink can the espresso cup hold? Do you take larger or smaller gulps? However much quantity of coffee you take at one go, you need a cup that can fit the drink. An espresso typically has between one to three ounces. Hence, you may want to go with something small and stylish instead of getting a large cup that won’t fit into your espresso machine.
  • Getting a sturdy and durable espresso cup will enable you to save cost since you won’t be replacing them very often. Vie Belles’ espresso cup is made to withstand everyday use and provide you with a quality product you can depend on at any time.


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