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Salad Dressing

Health Benefits of Salad Dressing that Show You Need a Salad Dressing Set

Salads are some of the healthiest foods anyone can eat. They are linked with numerous health benefits such as reduced risk of diabetes, heart-protective benefits, reduced cancer risks, sharpening of the eyesight, building of bones, etc. in fact, you need not be a health practitioner to know that greens are good for human health.


This is why you need salads. Beyond serving as disease fighters and energy boosters, salads can be equally delicious. There is no better way to encourage yourself to eat healthy foods than to make them taste good. Salad dressing enables you to make your greens more interesting and delicious by making a variety of additions that greatly enhance their taste.

This means that it is possible to build a nutritious and satisfying meal that does not feel boring, all by having the right tools. A study by scientists at Purdue University found that dressing enhances the health benefits of salads. This has been attributed to the fact that the human body needs fats to properly absorb the nutrients in vegetables.

So, if you belong in the category of people who prefer not to add any toppings at all to their salads, you may have been eating wrongly. Just as condiments make a meal, the right choice of toppings makes great salads.

The Purdue University research uncovered that not all fats are created equal. It was shown that salad dressings made with monounsaturated fats such as olive oil, sesame oil, and canola oil are the healthiest choice that health-conscious eaters can make. If you want some variety, you can go with peanut oil or add some avocados or nuts.

A salad dressing set makes it possible for you to keep the right oil, herbs, and other flavorings close at hand so that you can sauce your salads without breaking a sweat or worrying over where you kept what item. With salad dressing sets, salad dressing has never been easier to do.


Add Viebelles’ attractive 5-piece salad dressing set into the mix and you will see that you are dealing with a product that offers style and function in equal measures. This is in addition to helping you derive all of the health benefits that salads have to offer.  

Salad Dressing Set



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