Introducing You to Vie Belles’ Reserve Kitchen Knife Series

Introducing You to Vie Belles’ Reserve Kitchen Knife Series

Introducing You to Vie Belles’ Reserve Kitchen Knife Series

Vie Belles’s Reserve knife series will help you cut with precision. They are so efficient and reliable that they may end up being the only knives you will ever need. They have all been tried, tested, and found capable of giving you the best cuts for years to come. In addition, they are made with beautiful details and offer workhorse-like capabilities that will make you fall in love.

Meet your new kitchen companions:

Reserve Knife Series

Vie Belles Reserve Knife Series

8” Chef’s Knife

Reserve Chef Knife

Sometimes you want a single tool that can handle all the chopping and slicing involved in the kitchen. If you are considering investing in a product that can handle just about any cutting job, then this reserve chef knife is everything you need.

Vie Belles 8" Reserve Chef's Knife is a well-crafted cutting tool that has been designed to offer the toughness, durability, and aesthetic appeal that your kitchen needs. Behind its beautiful looks is a capable blade that can take care of multiple jobs.

The knife can do anything from cutting, carving, slicing, coring, peeling, pitting, to dicing, chopping, mincing, and julienning. In many ways, it is the ultimate multitasker.

Vie Belles Reserve Knife Series

So, whether you are looking to chop herbs, cut vegetables, or even slice and dice fish and meat, this tool has got you covered.

The knife also offers a great handle, as it delivers a satisfying heft that should feel right in any hands. You will find it very comfortable whether you have small or large hands.

The handcrafted, rosewood handle helps to offer a professional grip at all times, while its medium-weight balance means you are dealing with a tool that is neither too light nor too heavy.

The blade has been forged from the exotic Damascus SUS 430 Japanese stainless steel which was folded 67 times to provide an elegant appearance that is sharp enough to offer clean cuts even without a perfect form.

The knife’s fine edge profile means that you do not need any unique technique to prevent food from sticking to your blade.

7" Reserve Santoku Knife

Reserve Santoku Knife

If what you seek is a general purpose knife that can be used for most kitchen prep work, then there is a good chance that you will appreciate what Vie Belles’ 7" Reserve Santoku Knife will bring to your well-stocked cookhouse.

Outside of being a capable tool for dicing, chopping, and slicing of vegetables, the knife is also perfect for cutting boneless meat and fish, thanks to its super sharp edge. Covered in Damascus steel, the blade’s sharp edge holds up for a very long time without getting blunt.

At 7-inches, Vie Belles’ Santoku knife is comfortable to work with. Its handcrafted, wooden handle makes it a fine addition to any chef’s kitchen, as it is designed to fit the palm of any hands perfectly. As a result, you will find that your hand is well positioned for proper cutting almost as soon as you grab the handle.

In addition, the knife’s weight and balance are so evenly distributed that even new cooks will find it comfortable to use. Goes without saying that the knife is just as beautiful as it is functional. The Santoku makes your cooking more pleasurable due to its lighter nature, which allows for quicker cutting and ensures less strain.

Vie Belles Reserve Knife Series

5.5" Reserve Nakiri Knife

Reserve Nakiri Knife

If finishing details and handle shape are essential to you, then you shouldn’t look past Vie Belles’ 5.5-inches Nakiri Knife. The knife is versatile enough to let you cut vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

Vie Belles’ Nakiri Knife is designed to perform well on vegetable prep tasks by providing thin, even slices, thanks to its flat blade. The slight curve toward its blunt edge helps to make food fall off easily as you cut.

The Nakiri’s flat profile makes it the ideal tool for dicing, chopping and slicing vegetables. Therefore, whether you are looking to make ribbon cuts or thin slices, you can rest assured of having clean, even cuts.

What’s more, at 5.5-inches, the Nakiri offers a blade that is generous enough to tackle most veggies yet nimble enough to make you look forward to the next cutting experience.

The knife’s wooden handle feels very comfortable to use, as it contours to the curves of the user’s hands. This way, it ensures a firm, comfortable grip that makes cutting a breeze.

The fine wood and interesting shape the knife features make it one of the most aesthetically pleasing cutting tools you will ever set eyes on. The care that went into handcrafting the Nakiri is evident when viewed from any angle.

Beyond beauty, Vie Belles; 5.5 Reserve Nakiri Knife offers quality and longevity that will help ensure that you get value for your money for a long time.

10" Reserve Bread Knife

Reserve Bread Knife

Lightweight and easy-to-use serrated bread knives won’t come greater than Vie Belles’ 10" Reserve Bread Knife. The cutting tool is up there with the very best not only because it sports a scalloped, jagged edge that allows it to cut through foods with ease, but also because it will enable you to handle almost all cutting and slicing tasks. This means that you can also use it to slice tomatoes and sponge cakes, among others.

The knife is an excellent workhouse to have in your kitchen thanks to its versatile, surprisingly light, and easy-to-control nature. While bread knives can be hard to re-sharpen, the quality of the material and toughness of Vie Belles’ bread knife means you are dealing with a tool that will give you a very long useful lifespan.

Such is its strength that it can saw through a tough crust without ruining or squeezing the tender crumb inside. The knife slides through foods without requiring you to exert force, thanks to its razor-sharp serrated blade which ensures beautiful cuts. Even better, the rosewood handle makes the knife one of the most exquisite piece ever crafted.

It is often said that a knife is only as good as the steel it was forged from. With this in mind, Vie Belles’ 10" Reserve Bread Knife uses only the finest Damascus steel in an attempt to deliver you something attractive, convenient, and highly functional.

5.5" Reserve Utility Knife

Reserve utility Knife

Besides adding beauty to your kitchen, Vie Belles’ 5.5" Reserve Utility Knifeoffers convenience and practicality in more ways than can be imagined. Whether you need a knife for cutting or opening boxes, you will find this useful tool to be a reliable and indispensable buddie.

Its sturdy build is made to last, while the knife’s sharp edge is intended to provide you with all the cutting power you need to handle the rigours of the job.

The quality of the grip on the cutting tool’s handle is excellent, as the rosewood build makes it convenient for many repetitive cuts or tough jobs. The handle is smooth and well designed to allow the knife feel well balanced in your hand.

Vie Belles’ 5.5" Reserve Utility Knife is also extremely sharp, meaning it will rarely need sharpening. Add the delicate balance, and you will realize that you are dealing with a tool that will allow you to execute any job effortlessly.

Individuals who love a knife for its versatility will no doubt be drawn towards this fully-forged workhorse which offers great aesthetic appeal and excellent quality.

2 Piece Reserve Carving Set

The best roasts deserve the best cutting tools. Vie Belles’ 2 Piece Reserve Carving Set help ensures that your meat gets the treat that it deserves by giving it an appetizing appearance on every plate. It thinly slices a variety of meat, including beef, turkey, and ham. It also allows you to separate roasted turkeys into different parts quickly.


The knife’s thin, long blade enables it to produce small and more uniform slices of meat. The razor-sharp blade’s pointed tip works well when cutting around bones or joints, while its sharp, straight edges help improve meat separation. At 7-inches, the blade is long enough to cut through a large roast at a stroke without pulling apart any meat fibers.

Not only is the knife a useful tool in your kitchen arsenal, but it also makes the carving process more enjoyable. The device is made for precise work, delivering the power and accuracy you would expect of a carving knife. This is made possible by the knife’s beautifully sculpted handle, which helps give comfortable grips.

The deft fork completes the set with its elegant design and exceptional performance. Just like the knife, the carving fork offers a secure grip while slicing. It also gives you greater control when moving meat. The fork’s long, straight prongs make carving and lifting of cooked meat easy, while its sharp tips penetrate through any meat surface without leaving visible traces.

What’s more, the fork offers excellent versatility, as you can also use it to turn meat while grilling or cooking. Its design always commands a second look, thanks to a classic style that looks quite premium. The high-quality Damascus Steel used in its construction help ensures durability. Also, you need not worry about keeping it tidy, as the fork cleans up easily.

Together, these tools make cutting and serving meat at the dinner table an experience to look forward to.

6" Reserve Boning/Fillet Knife

Vie Belles’ hand-made 6-inch Reserve Boning/Fillet Knife is designed to allow you to execute boning and filleting chores to perfection.

Typically, you will have a different knife for boning and another for filleting, which costs you extra. Our product proves that this need not be the case, as it perfectly combines both functions.

Reserve Boning Knife

So, whether you are looking to remove pieces of meat from the bones that hold them together or want to slice fish, you will find this tool to be precisely what you need. It lets you butcher or cut up meat, slice boneless fillets into bite-size pieces, or even break down the whole fish, thanks to its thin and extremely sharp blade.

At 6 inches, the knife gives you complete control regardless of fish or meat size. The thin and long size of the blade makes the knife easy to maneuver. The knife possesses the right amount of stiffness, which enables it to withstand the toughness of meat, yet it is flexible enough to allow you to remove bone with ease.

Forged from Damascus Steel, the fine point on the blade is precise and ultra-sharp, allowing for more comfortable piercing. The handcrafted rosewood handle is of the proper height, which makes the knife feel comfortable in hand regardless of the amount of force being exerted. The light feel of the grip helps to make chores fun.

Vie Belles’ Reserve Boning and Fillet Knife also sports one of the most visually appealing designs you will ever see. Every point has been beautifully crafted to deliver a finish that reflects style and elegance even from a distance.

Overall, the strength and durability of the knife make it a genuinely reliable tool for boning and filleting.

5" Reserve Tomato Knife

If you are looking for a reliable tomato slicer, then you should not look past the 5” Reserve Tomato Knife. The knife features a serrated blade that allows for slicing tomatoes, fruits, bread, vegetables, etc. It is sturdy and versatile enough to handle almost all of your serrated blade needs and more. The razor-like sharpness of the blade lets the knife puncture through tomatoes without crushing the skin or turning the inside into pulp.

Reserve Tomato Knife

The fork-tipped tool has been handcrafted for high quality, with the blade itself forged from a Damascus Steel which gives an artistic pattern that demonstrates the amount of work that went into its production. The serrated edges have been precisely designed to produce clean slices and dicing at all times. Our tomato knife’s blade is designed such that it helps to prevent sliced tomatoes or other food from sticking together. On top of that, the fork tip enables you to pick up the thinly sliced food for serving without using a fork.

On its part, the handle was designed with ergonomics in mind. Its build features a straight handled bolster that has been equipped to enhance comfort. Such design is consistent with the movement of your hand and looks visually appealing. This allows you to slice away at dozens of tomatoes for as long as you like without feeling fatigued.

The product also gives you great value, as it is highly durable and backed by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. You can rest assured that our knife packs enough power to elevate your knife game and improve your overall slicing experience.

Reserve Magnetic Knife Block

The Reserve Magnetic Knife Block is one of the best knife storage solutions you will find anywhere. The product offers timeless elegance, high durability, and the best quality for the global market. Our knife block allows you to display your premium knife collections proudly.

Reserve Magnetic Knife Block

Asides making sure that you keep your knives organized at all times, the Reserve Magnetic Knife Block also prioritizes your safety and that of your entire household. Your knives’ blades stick to the surface of the block, leaving the handles completely visible. This reduces chances of injury, as there’s less likelihood of grabbing a knife by its blade.

This also helps you to quickly identify and grab the right knife, expediting the prep process. Such method of storage also ensure that your blades remain sharp and retain their cutting edge for a very long time. Vie Belles’ knife block was made by combining walnut wood and the finest stainless steel to deliver the best luxury knife storage solution for your kitchen. The high-quality Damascus Steel is resistant to rust; and the wood, extremely durable. So, you need not worry about it warping and rotting.

Further, the straight-grained hardwood has been clear-coated to bring out its radiant color. Our hand-made block is well balanced and looks sharp on the countertop. Moreover, it has been carefully designed to ensure that it does not take up a lot of counter space. Beyond beauty and portability, the double-sided wood also offers great functionality. The block can accommodate up to eight knives of varying sizes and uses without the risk of damaging the cutting edge. The magnet is incredibly strong too.

The heavy and dense nature of the fine-texture wood used in making this block makes it less absorbent. As a result, it does not hold water and is less susceptible to developing bacteria. This makes the block a healthier option to have.

Our product does more than just holding your knives in place.

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