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2-Piece Reserve Carving Set

$280.00 $510.00 saving $230.00
Vie Belles Cutlery Carving Knives 2-Piece Reserve Carving Set

2-Piece Reserve Carving Set

$280.00 $510.00 saving $230.00

  • Full tang that is triple riveted to the handle for precise control
  • Tempered to 61- 62⁰ Rockwell
  • Contoured handle for comfortable fit and a more contemporary appearance

The best roasts deserve the best cutting tools. Vie Belles’ 2 Piece Reserve Carving Set help ensures that your meat gets the treat that it deserves by giving it an appetizing appearance on every plate. It thinly slices a variety of meat, including beef, turkey, and ham. It also allows you to separate roasted turkeys into different parts quickly.

The knife’s thin, long blade enables it to produce small and more uniform slices of meat. The razor-sharp blade’s pointed tip works well when cutting around bones or joints, while its sharp, straight edges help improve meat separation. At 7-inches, the blade is long enough to cut through a large roast at a stroke without pulling apart any meat fibers.

Not only is the knife a useful tool in your kitchen arsenal, but it also makes the carving process more enjoyable. The device is made for precise work, delivering the power and accuracy you would expect of a carving knife. This is made possible by the knife’s beautifully sculpted handle, which helps give comfortable grips.

The deft fork completes the set with its elegant design and exceptional performance. Just like the knife, the carving fork offers a secure grip while slicing. It also gives you greater control when moving meat. The fork’s long, straight prongs make carving and lifting of cooked meat easy, while its sharp tips penetrate through any meat surface without leaving visible traces.

What’s more, the fork offers excellent versatility, as you can also use it to turn meat while grilling or cooking. Its design always commands a second look, thanks to a classic style that looks quite premium. The high-quality Damascus Steel used in its construction help ensures durability. Also, you need not worry about keeping it tidy, as the fork cleans up easily.

Together, these tools make cutting and serving meat at the dinner table an experience to look forward to.


Vie Belles Reserve Knife Series

Forged from the finest materials, including Damascus steel, and boasting elegant rosewood handles and rounding up with a lustrous design

An Honest Price

We set out to create Vie Belles a Knife brand that is beautiful in design and available to everyone at a fair and honest price.

Razor Sharp

Product Focus

  • Razor Sharp

    Lightweight, agile, and easy to maneuver
  • Rose Wood Handle

    Features an elegant rosewood handle which is both safe and comfortable to hold
  • Handcrafted

    Reserve knife is handcrafted and takes a total of 50 + hours to make.
  • Unique Design

    We believe that creativity in cooking comes from a combination of premium quality materials, artisanal craftsmanship, and aesthetic beauty.

Technical Specifications

A look at the finer details.

  • Blade

    The blade is made of the pure VG-10 steel core, Damascus clad, 67 layers folded of SUS 430 Japan stainless steel
  • Sharpness

    Razor sharp - 15° blade angle
  • Hardness

    61-62 Rockwell