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Vie Belles

Classic Santoku Knife. 7-inch

Classic Santoku Knife. 7-inch

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🔪 Discover Culinary Harmony with Vie Belles Classic 7" Santoku Knife - Where Precision Meets Elegance!

Elevate your culinary artistry with the Vie Belles Classic 7" Santoku Knife — a symphony of precision and sophistication. This isn't just a knife; it's your companion in the kitchen, designed to bring balance and finesse to every slice.

🌟 Key Features:

Flawless Precision: Experience the perfection of every cut. The Classic 7" Santoku Knife boasts a meticulously honed blade that effortlessly glides through ingredients, delivering impeccable precision for every culinary creation.

🚀 Versatile Mastery: From paper-thin slices to bold chopping, this knife adapts to your every culinary need. Its versatility makes it a must-have for chefs and home cooks alike, adding a touch of finesse to every dish.

💎 Timeless Elegance: Beyond functionality, the Classic 7" Santoku Knife is a work of art. Crafted with timeless elegance, it adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Make a statement with a knife that blends form and function seamlessly.

🌐 Why Vie Belles?

🔥 Craftsmanship Beyond Compare: Vie Belles is synonymous with culinary excellence, and the Classic 7" Santoku Knife exemplifies our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. It's not just a knife; it's a testament to the pursuit of culinary perfection.

🌿 Innovative Tradition: Rooted in tradition yet forward-thinking, this knife combines the best of both worlds. The Classic 7" Santoku Knife is a blend of innovation and timeless design, offering you a tool that stands out in the kitchen.

🛒 Shop with Confidence:

Worldwide Free Shipping 🌍 ✅ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 💸 ✅ Responsive Customer Support 🌟

🎁 Limited Stock - Redefine Your Culinary Experience!

Transform your kitchen with the Vie Belles Classic 7" Santoku Knife — a harmony of form and function. Elevate your culinary creations and make every meal a masterpiece.

👉 Explore Culinary Precision Now and experience the art of cooking with Vie Belles!

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Vie Belles makes some of the very best performing and  most beautifully crafted knives I've ever used. As a professional chef, I would highly recommend the Vie Belles.

Chef David Buchanan

Chef Knives

Razor sharp

Professionals and experienced home cooks demand knives with a high hardness on the HRC scale. Vie Belles knife blade is tempered to 63⁰Rockwell -- rock hard steel which lasts longer compared to other comparably priced knives on the market.

  • Vie Belles Handcrafted Kitchenware


    Damascus, Japanese, and German steel heated up to 2000° F

  • Vie Belles Handcrafted Kitchenware


    Every masterpiece goes through a 100-step  process over 42 days

  • Vie Belles Handcrafted Kitchenware


    Blades tempered to 63⁰Rockwell -- rock hard steel

  • Vie Belles Handcrafted Kitchenware


    Double beveled and sharpened to optimal 15⁰ angle

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Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

How long will this knife will stay sharp?

It really depends on how often you use the knife, and what items you’re cutting. When tested in the rigors of a professional kitchen, the Vie Belles knife outperformed brands that cost 30-50% more.

Does this knife require special care?

Vie Belles high-end knives are extremely easy to care for. Avoid the dishwasher, wash and dry after use, and you’ll never have an issue with your knife.

How can be your knife be as good as other high-end knives if it cost so much less?

Most knives cost so much because of traditional retail markups and other fees. You’d be shocked to know how little many well-known “premium” knives actually cost to make. By partnering closely with our factories and selling directly to you online, we’re able to offer an incredible knife at wholesale pricing with absolutely zero markups. Better materials, lower price.

How does your life time warranty and trial work?

We’re 100% confident you’ll love your Vie Belles knife. Confident enough to give you a 30-day in-home trial. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just send it back for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tina Young (Austin, TX, US)
Christmas gift

Was very impressed when I received the knife. It’s a Christmas gift so can’t wait to give it

Appreciate the love, thank you so much for buying from us. If you have any questions or queries, please ask us!

Fawaz Al Nakib (Kuwait City, KU, KW)
Amazing knifes

Best knifes I have in my kitchen. Love how they handle.

Thank you for your kind words - we will continue to deliver excellent quality items!'

John Allen (Austin, TX, US)
Couldn't ask for more...

Great knife, great feel, great buy.

We appreciate your review!