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Reserve Magnetic Knife Block

$210.00 $380.00 saving $170.00
Vie Belles Reserve Magnetic Knife Block

Reserve Magnetic Knife Block

$210.00 $380.00 saving $170.00

  • Excellent hard and strong walnut surface
  • Durable
  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Size of walnut wood (14" X 10" X 1.5")
  • Size of Metal (3.5" X 12" X 0.5")

Inspired by modern art, our double-sided reserve magnetic knife block has been created with walnut wood and stainless steel stand to give its aesthetic appeal.

The Reserve Magnetic Knife Block is one of the best knife storage solutions you will find anywhere. The product offers timeless elegance, high durability, and the best quality for the global market. Our knife block allows you to display your premium knife collections proudly.

Asides making sure that you keep your knives organized at all times, the Reserve Magnetic Knife Block also prioritizes your safety and that of your entire household. Your knives’ blades stick to the surface of the block, leaving the handles completely visible. This reduces chances of injury, as there’s less likelihood of grabbing a knife by its blade.

This also helps you to quickly identify and grab the right knife, expediting the prep process. Such method of storage also ensure that your blades remain sharp and retain their cutting edge for a very long time. Vie Belles’ knife block was made by combining walnut wood and the finest stainless steel to deliver the best luxury knife storage solution for your kitchen. The high-quality Damascus Steel is resistant to rust; and the wood, extremely durable. So, you need not worry about it warping and rotting.

Further, the straight-grained hardwood has been clear-coated to bring out its radiant color. Our hand-made block is well balanced and looks sharp on the countertop. Moreover, it has been carefully designed to ensure that it does not take up a lot of counter space. Beyond beauty and portability, the double-sided wood also offers great functionality. The block can accommodate up to eight knives of varying sizes and uses without the risk of damaging the cutting edge. The magnet is incredibly strong too.

The heavy and dense nature of the fine-texture wood used in making this block makes it less absorbent. As a result, it does not hold water and is less susceptible to developing bacteria. This makes the block a healthier option to have.

Our product does more than just holding your knives in place.