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Bulk Inquiries

Bulk Inquiries

Are you looking for the best and most reliable results in your wholesale decisions?

Do you feel like you need to find that perfect product that is going to give you the chance to get more out of your investments in wholesales?

We know that you want to be able to acquire top quality products that sell fast and easy. This is the whole purpose of being a wholesaler and your success in this process depends on your decisions when it comes to the products you buy.

We have the ultimate set of top quality kitchenware and cutlery that offers revolutionary excellence for a lifetime of cooking experiences!

Stop wasting time with product lines that have a large level of uncertainty about them. When you purchase Vie Belles products, you are purchasing a set of products that everyone wants and chefs all over the world have praised.

Contact us today for details on how you can acquire these top quality products for a very low cost and a huge return on investment!


We have done our research and are committed to giving our customers brand new, well-designed household items at the right prices.

If you wish to sell Vie Belles products in your retail store, or if you are looking for distributing options, please contact us for inquiries. We are always open to having great relationships with our customers, including wholesale. 

Light Bulk

If you are a small retailer or small business and wish to test drive our products in your store to increase inventory and income, our light bulk terms may be the choice for you. Please contact us for any information may you have.


If you are an online retailer and wish to increase your inventory and income, our drop-shipping may be the choice for you. Contact us for more details. *We currently do not accept resellers on Amazon or eBay. 

Please consider two factors before filling the application forms for dropshipping:

  • You should have a live online website for at least 6 months
  • You need to have over 1000 visitors monthly in the last 3 months


If you have an upcoming corporate event, anniversary, or just any special celebration - let us take care of the gifts! We will help select the right gifts from our large selection of products and essentials.


Vie Belles brand is growing like crazy and we know we can not do it alone. We are looking for qualified established partner who are interested in representing Vie Belles products. Please fill out the application form and we will get back to you.   

Application Forms

If you interested in any of these business relationships, please download the following application forms and return it to us.

  1. New Account Form
  2. Sales And Advertising Policy 

For us to able to continue your application, having live website is must. Please do not send your application without having any website. 

As soon as we receive your application and approve your file, you will get access to our B2B portal (Click Here to see our B2B portal).  

For more information, or to book a consultation - contact us at 


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